Bubblegum // everywhere, is a photography work, that was conceived and shot in August 2016. Later it evolved to a video art. The theme of this work, concerns the observation of a society and a subject/individual, entangled in its routine tries through consumption and fleeting experiences to achieve its perfection and the development of itself.

The selection of the chewing gum as the material of this work stays as symbol of a fleeting experience, that through the brief effectiveness of the taste leads to associations with the everyday consumption. Through the repeated movement of chewing, emerge pictures that are bringing forth persistent situations such as the use of specific words or expressions. Words or expressions that we often use without though to have a real or actual experience, that either way seems difficult to define.

Concept and Photography: Nikos Fragkou

Dramaturgy and video editing: Christiana Symeonidou

Photographic support: Eleni Fragkou

Text: Raisa Kroeger, Christiana Symeonidou

Copyright Photography: 2016, Fragkou

48H Neukölln Art Festival Berlin, 2016

Bubblegumeverywhere, ©2016, Fragkou.jpg
Bubblegumeverywhere2, © 2016, Fragkou.jp