A selection of my work as performer and dancer for various opera, theater and dance productions. Click to the pictures and follow the video links for more information.

Luther dancing with the gods Rundfunkchor Berlin Direction, set and light design: Robert Wilson Photo credits: © 2017, Lovis Ostenrik

KEINER FINDET SICH SCHÖN director: Renè Pollesch, Volksbühne Berlin, 2016 Photo credits: © LSD | Lenore Blievernicht

PASSING BY Long duration performance by and with Yingmei Duan, curated by Marina Abramović, Fondation Beyeler Basel, 2014 Photo credits: © Fondation Beyeler Basel, 2014

ORPHEUS director: Barry Kosky, choreographer: Otto Pichler Komische Oper Berlin, 2012 Photo Credits: © Iko Freese, 2012

MEETING THE ODYSEE director: Michele Losi, Manon Marti, Klodiana Tsiamati Radialsystem V Berlin, 2014

LOST IN FORMS Installation by David Olbrich for 10 dancers, 2011 Photo Credits: © Miriam Lehnart, 2011

DISTANCE BETWEEN choreography, 2010 Photo Credits: © Sebastian Hinds, 2010